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For Students

If you are a student looking to get access to help and resources for your idea or business, visit the Morris L. Hayhurst Launch Lab today.

WVU’s LaunchLab is here to help students, faculty, and staff develop and grow their own business ideas in entrepreneurship and innovation. Fill-out the Intake Form to get started as a new client or schedule a meeting with one of our business coaches if you are an existing client. Visit the Launch Lab website.

If you are interested in 3D printing, maker space, or the maker studio, check out the Launch Lab Maker Space or the Lane Innovation Hub.

Under section 2 of BOG Rule 1.5, students maintain ownership of their intellectual property, as long as it was created without the use of non-commonly available University resources. Examples of non-commonly available resources include research labs, specific shared facilities equipment, animal facilities, and other federally funded space. See BOG rule 1.5 for further details, or contact the Office of Student and Faculty Innovation for further clarification.